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Quick start


Download the latest version of the Create Go App CLI to your local machine:

go get

Installation is done by using the go build1 command with $GOPATH/bin:

go build -i -o $GOPATH/bin/cgapp

Create a new project

Let's create a new project via interactive console UI2 (or CUI) into current folder:

cgapp create

Run locally or deploy to a server

Now, you can run this project on your local machine or deploy to a remote server. Project works in isolated Docker containers and automates via Ansible3 playbook.

From the root folder of your project and run:

cgapp deploy

Enter parameters in the CUI and go to your browser to see the project's page! 😉

  1. See command's description in Go docs

  2. If you want to create a new project from configuration file, please read this

  3. We will talk more about Ansible here

  4. If you want to deploy your project using configuration file, please read this