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Frequently asked questions

How to update CLI to the latest version?

You can just update and re-install the CLI:

go get -u
go build -i -o $GOPATH/bin/cgapp

Standalone CLI version

If you're using standalone version, go to the Release page1 and download archive with a new version.

Does the CLI support user's custom templates & containers?

Create Go App CLI provide works with your own custom templates2, instead of those prepared by authors. Just specify backend, frontend and webserver with addresses to repositories in configuration file (.cgapp.yml):

    - backend:
    - frontend:
    - webserver:

# ...

HTTPS protocol

The https:// protocol will be added automatically!

  1. The Release page of the Create Go App CLI repository is here

  2. Please, read the User's Guides to create your own template and container first.