Working with the official Docker image

If you don't want to install Create Go App CLI to your system, you feel free to using our official Docker image1 and run CLI from isolated container:

docker run --rm -it -v ${PWD}:${PWD} -w ${PWD} koddr/cgapp:latest [COMMAND]

Available commands:

Deploy command

CLI command for deployment process (deploy) is currently unavailable in this Docker image.

Also, with this Docker image, you do not have to worry about installing tools/CLI of frontend UI libraries/frameworks. Everything is already included to this Docker image:

  • create-react-app (for React)
  • preact-cli (for Preact)
  • vue-cli (for Vue.js)
  • ng-cli (for Angular)
  • degit (for Svelte, Sapper)

  1. Required Docker v19.03.x (and later).