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CLI Installation

First of all, download and install Go. Version 1.11 or higher is required.

Next, download the latest version of the Create Go App CLI to your local machine:

go get

Installation is done by using the go build1 command with $GOPATH/bin:

go build -i -o $GOPATH/bin/cgapp

Check, that the CLI is installed correctly by the --version (or -v) command:

cgapp --version

# Output: cgapp version 1.x.x

Alternative installations

We're using a GoReleaser2 for shipping standalone version to a major desktop platforms:

  • GNU/Linux
  • Apple macOS
  • Microsoft Windows


By default, for amd64 (x86_64) architecture.

If you need this, go to the repository's Release page and download zipped archive.

  1. See command's description in Go docs

  2. If you're interested in GoReleaser, please visit its repository