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Automation of a deploy or run process

Each project is created with the required set of configs to start the build and deployment process on a production server or your local machine. We use a helpful tool, called Ansible1 for automate this.

In the root folder of the project you will find deploy-playbook.yml2 file. Is the common Ansible playbook describing the build backend/frontend apps and process of deployment to a remote server or run on your local machine.

Don't worry!

If you are not familiar with this technology, read Ansible User Guide3 for more information.

What does this playbook do?

  • Builds production-ready backend (Go) & frontend (JavaScript, TypeScript) apps, that you have chosen.
  • Provides the best practices for web server and database configuration.
  • Configures Docker network with containers for backend, static files from frontend, web server and database.
  • Runs these Docker containers on your remote server or on local machine.

Our recommendation

We recommend to using our default playbook, but you are free to change them any way you want.

  1. Visit the Ansible Documentation for more information. 

  2. See a source code of Create Go App's deploy-playbook.yml file here

  3. Link to the Ansible User Guide here