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Couldn't find the answer?

Sometimes it happens, it's true... but don't get upset! 🙂

Frequent questions are a dynamically growing section, so write us your question and we'll try to answer it. If the question is interesting and/or repeated too often, we'll add it to a FAQ section (with reference to the author's issue).

Where can I ask my question?

The best way to ask a question is to create a new issue in our GitHub repository.

How do I ask the right question?

So, follow this checklist to ask a question that we can answer in the shortest possible time:

  • Try to search in the Create Go App CLI repository's issues section similar to yours.
  • If your question is about Ansible, Docker, Go, JavaScript, TypeScript and so on, try searching in their repositories and/or StackOverflow first.
  • Please fully follow our template to create a new issue.
  • If English is not your native language, please use online translator in advance (for example, DeepL1 or Google Translate2).
  • Demonstrate understanding to the Create Go App authors, because this is Open Source and not-for-profit product, and their support is not paid.
  • Be nice to the other members of our community.

  1. DeepL teaches artificial intelligence to understand and translate texts. Link

  2. Free Google service that lets you instantly translate words, phrases and web pages from any language to more than 100 languages and back. Link