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Create Go App

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Create a new production-ready project with backend (Golang), frontend (JavaScript, TypeScript) & deploy automation (Ansible, Docker) by running one CLI command! 🚀

A short video screencast to introduce main features of the Create Go App CLI:

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Why another CLI?

When we started this project, we asked ourselves this question too and... came to the conclusion, that approximately 8 out of 10 routine operations at the start of a new project and/or the deployment of an existing one can be automated. And it would be better to have all the necessary functions inside one CLI. That's why we transferred all our experience to the Create Go App CLI, which we use ourselves! 😉

For example, what do you usually do at the start of your projects?

Something like that, we think:

  1. You create a new go.mod with the name of the package.
  2. Install your favorite web framework and all its dependencies for backend.
  3. Do exactly the same for the frontend UI library.
  4. Copy from the private gist your dotfiles.
  5. Configure your work environment.
  6. Thinking about the process of deployment to the staging and/or production server.
  7. Try to remember all the necessary settings for Docker containers.
  8. Create or copy a docker-compose.yml file with needed configuration.
  9. Drinking a cup of coffee or tea, take a deep breath.
  10. ...and now, you start to write the business logic of your project!

What if I told you, that you could get straight to point nine? 🤔

This isn't a joke. This CLI gives you the ability to prepare everything you need to start a new project (as create-react-app for the React.js ecosystem does) and deploy an existing project to a remote server in configured and fully isolated Docker containers.

Focus on writing code and thinking of business logic! The CLI will take care of the rest.